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Maintenance Industry

Revolutionary Product

The Aermetric Health Monitoring System is a first-of-its-kind predictive maintenance platform for aircraft. By harnessing big data and applying AI predictive modeling, we’re making it possible to predict when aircraft components will have problems before they fail.

New Standard

Predictive insights coupled with a platform user experience designed for speed and efficiency means aircraft will spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. We’re setting the new standard for aircraft maintenance.

Backed By Cutting
Edge Technology


Big Data

From in-flight data to ground reports and everything in between, we’re making data accessible and actionable in ways never before possible



Our AI models learn and relearn aircraft thousands of times per day, providing deep insight to help tech ops make the right decisions


Predictive Analytics

Predictive modeling allows for insight on component failure before incidents occur - saving airlines time and money



Designed for end-user efficiency – our interface and user experience are built for speed



Data stored in an encrypted distributed ledger equals secure, permanent, immutable records and a regulator-friendly environment

Designed for Speed and Efficiency

Ground reports, Air reports, Maintenance Logs - all in one place. Plus, unique features like predictive insights, alerting, prioritization, and global filtering to streamline the process.


Aermetric Tech Stack


The Team

Supporting Aermetric is a team of successful serial entrepreneurs, aerospace engineers, data scientists, UI/UX gurus, and blockchain experts. We have deep industry experience, having built some of the health monitoring systems that are used by major airlines today, and have a proven track-record of starting and scaling tech-focused businesses successfully.

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